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 A Choir in every Care Home

Musicaliti is proud to offer a choir in every care home, a national initiative from Sound Sense, the voice of community music. From September 2017, Musicaliti will be offering local care homes the opportunity to join in a musical session. With more information for care homes, we hope to develop a fantastic musical opportunity for the growing older community in Bolton.


Singing has been shown to be beneficial in many ways. From helping to reduce feelings of isolation and anxiety to returning confidence and providing meaning, music is a powerful prescription that has no negative side-effects. It brings people together, allowing them to share favourite songs, helping concentration, relaxation and communication. It helps us to remember the good times, forget the negative times, and distract us from pain and discomfort. More than anything, music touches all of us.


We use the same instruments in toddlers, babies and preschoolers. This familiarity helps to develop independence and responsibility.

  1. Warm ups are helpful, reminding us to breathe deeply, exercising tight joints and preparing us to have some fun!
  2. Percussion instruments can be played simply or complex, from tapping the beat, to syncopating rhythms!
  3. Rounds are great opportunities to exercise the brain while having fun, singing different parts at different times!
  4. Life songs can include war songs, but more often than not, cover a range of musical styles and phases, too!
  5. Taught songs are useful for all ages, taught by ear with lyric sheets, and may even be familiar to some!


Musicaliti Cares is the perfect opportunity to explore the possibility of a performing care home choir or ukulele orchestra, depending on the ages and stages of the group.

Try one of our sessions to see the difference!

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