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Musicaliti Primary Infants is for children from 4-7 years old. We use songs, games and crafts to appeal to their enquiring nature!

For example, their growing confidence in starting “big” school means that they respond to opportunities to take responsibility. They love linking new information with what they already know, and enjoy working as a team!


Children in early primary school (Key Stage 1) enjoy engaging with others by singing songs and using instrument play. They are able to follow ideas in topical lessons, relying on routine in order to understand adult expectation in order to rise up to challenges. They are very aware of the “baby” songs of nursery, so this is a great opportunity to explore new, “big child” repertoire. Opportunities to move during the day are gradually reducing, so movement games and challenges are a welcome break from silent listening. Independence becomes more important, and children begin to experiment with language and behaviour that is not always appropriate. In addition, tattling for minor misdemeanours can be cause for frustration and upset. In both cases, clear explanation addressed to all children helps to clarify what is acceptable and what it not, and providing choices for children eliminates any potential fight/flight reflex. For example, asking children to suggest more appropriate words also helps with problem-solving, while asking them to identify how they expect the tattled child to respond helps them to better understand themselves.


Instruments used in primary infant sessions are more advanced because of the distinction between baby and big child songs.

  1. Ukuleles are the number one favourite instrument because they are easy to carry, relatively easy to learn to hold and play, and look like guitars!
  2. Glockenspiels are the next favourites because they include beating, and have the potential to be very (very!) loud.
  3. Character instruments (jingle bugs, shaker fish etc) are interesting but may be seen as babyish.
  4. Multi-instrument boxes (triangles, tambourines, cabasas, guiros, monkey drums, wood blocks) are a lot of fun to explore, involving demonstrating and playing instruments correctly.
  5. Sandblocks, jingle bells, sticks and egg shakers are very clearly baby instruments that bring back fond memories but are also too limiting. Click here to link to our instrument shop!

Musicaliti Primary Infants (4-7y) is the perfect introduction to instrumental lessons, for example, Musicaliti Primary Guitar (6-11). The wide opportunity to develop general musicianship skills in a fun environment is built on through the specific skill of expressing music theory on instruments:

  • Stepping forward and backward in a circle turns into playing patterned sequences forward and backward, practicing future techniques they will need to know
  • Playing partner games turns into playing canons and rounds
  • Completing the song by singing the last two lines turns into performing the whole song from start to finish
  • Tapping and beating instruments with more attention to detail turns into learning to play specific dynamics like loud/quiet (forte/piano), long/short (legato/staccato) etc.
  • Understanding funny/clever lyrics turns into making up their own songs
  • Walking in a line and creating bridges turns into playing variations in songs involving scales
  • Recognising notation in movement turns into achieving notation on instruments
  • Recognising the sound of intervals turns into recognising wrong notes by sound as well as sight
  • Matching pitches on body parts turns into internally hearing melodies based on sight
  • Moving in different rhythms turns into understanding fractions of time
  • Children reproducing 16-35 full songs turns into reproducing unlimited songs
  • Music sessions of 30 minutes turns into 45-60 minutes at a time

This experience actively works towards preparing for grade 1 music exams!

Try one of our sessions to see the difference!

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