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Musicaliti Toddlers is for children from 2-3 years old, with songs and games specially chosen for these little walkers!

Often at this age, children are learning to talk, so they start to join in with simple, repetitive songs. They love funny, unexpected or mysterious situations, and begin to develop a great sense of humour, so we use songs and games that they can relate to.


Children this age begin to be more expressive as they learn to work within the routines of their lives. They learn about consequences and repercussions as they begin to master their world. They explore boundaries by using what they do know to find out what they don’t. They get frustrated that they are too small or inexperienced to be independent, often resulting in upset. Because of this, they role play jobs and duties of important people to them. This helps them to practice their words, actions, and even emotions. Through this, they learn where they fit in the world, who they like to play with, and what they enjoy doing when they get to choose. The activities that we describe in sessions provide important information on the child’s interests and learning techniques. Sharing and tapping begin by imitation. Children are encouraged to develop their own ways to play, developing confidence in their own ideas.


We use the same instruments in toddlers, babies and preschoolers. This familiarity helps to develop independence and responsibility.

  1. Sticks/claves are the number one favourite with toddlers because of the way they can be played and manipulated.
  2. Jingle bells are the next favourite because they look similar to sticks/claves – but they jingle!
  3. Sandblocks are the next most exciting although they can be a little tricky.
  4. Egg shakers are baby instruments that bring back fond memories but they may be too limited. Character instruments create opportunities to role play, which can actually result in children becoming distracted from the music.
  5. Multi-instrument boxes (triangles, tambourines, cabasas, guiros, monkey drums, wood blocks) and pass-around instruments (large drums, xylophones, ukuleles) can be demonstrated and then played, although children will still explore different ways of playing.  Click here to link to our instrument shop!


Musicaliti Toddlers (2-3y)  is the perfect introduction to Musicaliti Preschool (3-4y), where instruments, games and skills are advanced and based on development:

  • Holding hands and walking in a circle turns into playing simple circle games
  • Copying actions turns into memorising sequences
  • When leaving out the last line of a song, vocal response turns into completing the song by clearly singing the last line
  • Tapping and beating large instruments turns into tapping and beating smaller instruments
  • Pointing at body parts and actions turns into acting as characters in songs
  • Walking together in pairs and in a line turns into following in a line and in a spiral
  • Recognising quaver (eighth note) beats turns into  alternately playing crotchets (quarter notes) and quavers (eighth notes)
  • Recognising and imitating songs with minor third and perfect fifth notes turns into recognising and imitating songs with the notes going both up and down
  • Jumping and tapping to the beat turns into walking to the beat
  • Stamping feet and flicking fingers turns into hopping and jumping
  • Children recognising and reproducing 11-20 full songs turns into reproducing 12-28 songs
  • Music sessions with familiar people can continue for 15 minutes at a time, turning into 20 minutes at a time

And, fantastically, this experience lays the foundation for later musical interest and instrumental music grades!

Try one of our sessions to see the difference!

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