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Musical skills don't need to be mysterious skills. Musicaliti Publishers. Music for all.

Featuring specialist music training:

What We Do

Music belongs to us all. Musical skills should be available to all.

We Write.

There are a wide variety of influences and resources available for music education, usually only accessible to those with musical experience. We can only teach so many children at a time, but by sharing what we know in writing, more people can deliver these skills to more children.

We Research.

We love to understand why things happen and find patterns. Using training in both psychological and educational research, we conduct our own, novel research. Through building on the past the present, we  use ideas from different specialisms to better understand findings.

We Play.

Many people who played music as children stop  as adults. Life, work, family, travel: these  make life busier. Some of us are lucky enough to make space in their lives to pick it again. Even better, we have found a career in which we can combine our love for learning, writing and  music.

Need Advice?

We know that there is little support for people expected to deliver music in their settings. This is why we are happy to give advice where we can, regardless of your specialist group needs.

Our Books, E-Books & More

Our wide selection of books are aimed at those providing music for the early years. They range from guitar and singing tutorials to fun, child-friendly story-song-books, to lesson planners based on popular children’s themes. And there are significant savings by buying direct.


“ He copies everything you do, even the way you hold the guitar! He’s even asked for a watch, just like you. And every week, the whole family have to sit in a circle, playing and passing the instruments while he sings. No doubt he’s going to be the leader of his band when he’s older! ”

Bolton Mum

Musicaliti's Story

Musicaliti was created by Frances Turnbull: musician, researcher and author.

As a self-taught guitarist playing contemporary and community music from the age of 12, she has delivered early years music sessions to baby groups, nurseries, key stage one primary, and taught acoustic and electric guitar through her business, Musicaliti. Trained in the music education techniques of Kodály (specialist singing), Dalcroze (specialist movement) and Orff (specialist percussion instruments), she has her bachelor’s degree in psychology (Open University) and her master’s degree in education (University of Cambridge). She also runs a local community choir, the Bolton Warblers, and delivers the Sound Sense initiative “A choir in every care home” within local care and residential homes, supporting health and well-being through her community interest company, Think Cre8tive Group CIC.

Frances has represented the early years music community at the House of Commons, advocating for recognition for early years music educators, and writes articles for various publications on early years music. Her table of progressive music skills for under 7’s is featured in each of her curriculum books, with her songs gradually being added to Sound Cloud and You Tube.

Frances is passionate about creating musical opportunities for all.


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