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Music Gone Wild Songbook

Story song books with music for guitar or ukulele! Have a look at our selection of theme-based books, perfect for early readers and teaching different musical skills!

Yum Yum Yum Lesson planner

Lesson planners for nursery music sessions, for mothers, fathers and other adults and teachers of children! These theme-based books suggest it all, from songs and games to instruments and props!

Passport to Transport CD

CDs of all songs in the theme! Look out for cds on ROYALTY, ANIMALS, TRANPORT and FOOD! Songs that are old and new have been used and compliment the story song books and nursery lesson planners perfectly!

Musicaliti Come and Sing 1 e-book

Our introductory e-books give you a taste of the sequencing of songs. Like maths and language, music can also be taught sequentially. Where do you start? Click here to find out!

Fancy learning guitar for children? Start with songs of 2 notes through to songs with all of the notes, unknown songs to known songs, and learn to read both guitar music (tablature) and notation of 90 songs, too! Available as 5 individual levels or as one complete book of all 90 songs.

Ever wonder about the theory behind childcare, and how music helps their development? Learning with Music details theories of over 40 of the greatest thinkers, philosophers and health care workers over the last century, with suggestions on session planning, instruments, games and 90 nursery songs!

Sing in Tune Cover

Singing exercises have never been so much fun! Using 90 songs that originally had folk origins, these songs will improve your notation reading, intonation accuracy, getting you singing beautifully sooner than you expect!


Shop, shop, shop ’til you drop, have a look at the different types of instruments we have: metals, woods, skins and instrumental props … like scarves!


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