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Sharks Fish Shells is an underwater adventure story about friendship and co-operation between different creatures that live under the sea! Each different character represents a musical note or rhythm (beat), with a song about that character, often a game and even (for the primary infants afterschool club), character-related snacks and crafts. Written for a primary afterschool club, this idea has been used to create music sessions for babies and toddlers, too.

Frances Turnbull has presented early years music sessions in a variety of settings since 2006, after training as a secondary mathematics and science teacher. She is fascinated by research into the health, educational and developmental benefits of music. Not content with being involved with children’s music alone, she also teaches private guitar, trains early years teachers, and directs a local community choir, The Warblers.

ISBN: 978-1907935633

Publisher: Musicaliti Publishers (25 October 2013)

Retail Price: £14.11

Size: 21.6 x 0.5 x 27.9cm

Format: Paperback (88 pages)

Why another children’s music book?

Aware of how little creativity training was delivered on early years training courses, Frances wanted to provide professionals with high quality content from her years of experience and training in specialist music education techniques. This book is based on children’s typical interest in under water creatures, relationships and adventure, and using songs that are original as well as traditional, well-known songs and games, children develop a solid foundation in musical skills including rhythm and melody through having fun. Each song is fully detailed on a single page, with suggested teacher talk, instruments and actions. In addition, school-readiness benefits are indicated on these pages, helping practitioners to identify skills that may help their group.







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