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NURSERY children need to MOVE

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Children in nursery not only love to move, but need to move! Using music brings self-imposed discipline, preparing them for success!
I may have an alternative way to develop fine motor co-ordination skills, and wanted to offer your nursery the opportunity to book a term of children’s music training sessions with me!

Owners and managers of nurseries, want their children to be school-ready, especially their preschoolers.  One of the essential, school-ready skills is fine motor co-ordination: the ability to write and manipulate small objects accurately.  This is because it is one of the advanced or higher level skills that are needed to learn new knowledge, apply it, and then change it in new situations.

You may already know that IQ may measure academic intelligence, but it does not predict future ability or success.  Instead, we look at skills associated with “executive function”, and while there is no complete list of skills, we do know that it includes life skills like planning, concentration, co-operation, self-control and fine motor co-ordination.

In 2014, researchers found a link between gross motor and fine motor skills, and this is the session that I am offering to bring to your nursery: Preschool Musical Motor Training.  Over a term, with a group of no more than 12 children, we use a room with a large, clear space (approx 5m square).  I bring a wide variety of games, dances and instruments for your children to explore and play.  Using balls, scarves, large xylophone, ukuleles and mixed instruments, we develop the ability to keep a beat, which has also been associated with speech and learning language.

As I am still researching, my time is extremely limited so this offer will not be available indefinitely.  If you would like to book my sessions for your preschoolers from September 2015, please contact me soon so that I can fit your nursery into my schedule.  It is useful to have a dedicated, interested staff member with the children so that they can learn the games and songs to sing and play between sessions.

Each session costs £55 for 30 minutes, payable by term or half term, with a discount of £5 for each additional session booked (I also offer baby and toddler sessions).  Included in this price is my wide variety of musical instruments and specialist training on developing musical ability in children, specifically from birth to 7 years.

I also offer staff training, £250 per venue for 2 hours of training in planning a musical curriculum (babies, toddlers, preschoolers), best songs to teach children, instruments for nursery, and musical games to develop rhythm (keeping a beat) – this includes one copy each of the 3 current Musicaliti songbooks.  (All payment to be arranged prior to sessions.)

Please contact me soon, or send this on to someone who may be interested – as I don’t have a lot of time, please also let me know if this will be a one-term arrangement or ongoing though the year.

Musically yours,



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