Run Hop Skip Ad 2017


Musicaliti is pleased to announce the latest arrival to the NURSERY LESSON PLANNER series, RUN, HOP, SKIP for children 2-4 years! Based on movement games, this theme is based around SPORTS with opportunities for providers to share information about local sports heroes, or heroes from the countries represented in groups. Packed with lessons that are

NEW Book: Music Gone Wild Songbook!

NEW BOOK IN PUBLICATION We are thrilled to introduce our latest book, "Music Gone Wild Songbook"! It features the 19 best children's songs about animals and it has been written specifically for children or beginners learning the ukulele, in full colour! Featured songs include: Daddy's Taking us to the Zoo Tomorrow 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the

Musicaliti Books

Musicaliti has 3 fantastic theme-based books available for nursery children 2-4 years old!  With suggestions on instruments to use, ways to turn songs into games, as well as identifying additional skills through songs (evidence for learning journeys), each book features: lesson plan suggestions one page per song ways to play instruments musical notation optional CD

Musicaliti Publications

This selection of Musicaliti publications is available for nursery aged children! Available on Amazon now, these books are perfect for adults looking for topic-related music ideas for children aged 2-4 years.  Using songs that are well-known, lesser-known and even original, these programmes suggest instruments, dances and games that will appeal to nursery children. In addition,


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