Musicaliti Books

Musicaliti has 3 fantastic theme-based books available for nursery children 2-4 years old!  With suggestions on instruments to use, ways to turn songs into games, as well as identifying additional skills through songs (evidence for learning journeys), each book features: lesson plan suggestions one page per song ways to play instruments musical notation optional CD

Halloween at Musicaliti

Join us on Monday, 26 October, during half term at Fidgets for a musical Halloween fest!  Featuring spooky songs, icy instruments, devish dancing and ghouly games, prizes will be awarded for children who dress up! Book in at Fidgets, maximum 15 children, and sessions run from 11-12, and £6.50 includes all crafts and games included!

Calling all nurseries

NURSERY children need to MOVE I may have an alternative way to develop fine motor co-ordination skills, and wanted to offer your nursery the opportunity to book a term of children’s music training sessions with me! Owners and managers of nurseries, want their children to be school-ready, especially their preschoolers.  One of the essential, school-ready skills is fine

Musicaliti Publications

This selection of Musicaliti publications is available for nursery aged children! Available on Amazon now, these books are perfect for adults looking for topic-related music ideas for children aged 2-4 years.  Using songs that are well-known, lesser-known and even original, these programmes suggest instruments, dances and games that will appeal to nursery children. In addition,


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