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We are so excited to announce that from 12 September 2017, Musicaliti sessions will be held in the popular location of Victoria Hall in Bolton town centre! With easy access by train and bus, we are also fortunate to offer LIMITED FREE ON-SITE PARKING, too. This allows direct access for our wheeled friends to the lower room/studio.

Musicaliti has been holding sessions for children from birth in Bolton since 2006, and during this time, we have ventured into different musical areas, from preschool music to guitar tuition to community choir – we really do provide music for life!

It is exciting that in the same year that we would be starting secondary school (our 11th year!), we are now able to hold each of our different music sessions on a single site each Tuesday. Sessions will begin on the second Tuesday of term, 12 September, and fees are payable monthly in advance by cash or card, at £5 per session. Pre-booking is essential, so sign up now!

Musicaliti offers a wide range of musical sessions for all ages. Sessions start from Tuesday 12 September 2017. All sessions are payable monthly in advance (£5 each for groups, £15 each for private) – come and see the difference!

10-10.45 Musicaliti Preschoolers: group music session for 3-4 year olds
11-11.45 Musicaliti Toddlers: group music session for 18m-3 year olds
12-12.45 Musicaliti Babies: group music session from birth to 18 months
1-1.45pm Sing Together: learn to sing harmonies through popular songs (over 16’s)
2-2.45pm Move Together: develop musical skill through rhythmic movement (over 16’s)
3-3.45pm Play Together: learn the ukulele (over 16’s)
4-4.45pm Musicaliti Primary Infants: music session for 4-7 (reception to year 2, Key stage 1)
5-5.45pm Musicaliti Primary choir: singing games and rounds for primary children Key stage 2
6-6.30pm Guitar/ukulele/singing lesson slot 1 (private lesson, any age)
6.30-7pm Guitar/ukulele/singing lesson slot 2 (private lesson, any age)
7-7.30pm Guitar/ukulele/singing lesson slot 3 (private lesson, any age)
7.30-8pm Guitar/ukulele/singing lesson slot 4 (private lesson, any age)

Sign up NOW by clicking on this link!




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Run Hop Skip Ad 2017
Run Hop Skip Nursery Lesson Planner
ISBN 9781907935176

Musicaliti is pleased to announce the latest arrival to the NURSERY LESSON PLANNER series, RUN, HOP, SKIP for children 2-4 years! Based on movement games, this theme is based around SPORTS with opportunities for providers to share information about local sports heroes, or heroes from the countries represented in groups. Packed with lessons that are repeated over 2 weeks, the series covers a 12 week term, full of familiar and new songs and games. With suggestions on With suggestions for lesson activities, recommended instruments and even topic-related crafts, a cd of songs will also be available shortly, providing each song in full.


Hop on to Amazon on Friday 7 April 2017 to access this book at a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE (usually £14).

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NEW MUSICAL STORY BOOK: Magical Musical Kingdom

Magical Musical Kingdom Song Book
Magical Musical Kingdom Ukulele Song Book
ISBN 9781907935770

Join the characters of the Magical Musical Kingdom in an action-packed musical adventure!

Meet King Crotchet and his kingdom of characters, with each representing different musical rhythms, and all with their own essential addition to the story.  Sing songs new and old with a royal and magical theme, with music notation included in the book, and a separate CD, both available on Amazon NOW!

In addition, this book also includes ukulele notation and guidance so that you can accompany the songs from the very first page!

CLICK HERE for the link to the book, or HERE for the link to the CD!

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Warblers Community Choir on this site!

Introducing the new home of the Bolton Warblers website!

Bolton Warblers 2016
Bolton Warblers 2016







Click on the link above to get to the new link of the Bolton Warblers Community Choir, a local group that meets weekly to sing and have a good time!

With repertoire ranging from ABBA to Bob Marley, Grease to spirituals, we enjoy learning by ear and notation, 5-6 performances a year, and occasional musical social events (watching local musical productions/events together).

We meet Mondays 7-8.30pm at Bolton St Catherines, no auditions, and encourage you to get as involved as you like.  Rehearsals involve physical and vocal warm ups, and repertoire rehearsal, and please bring water!

Current repertoire can be accessed on our SoundCloud account or on our page.

For more information, please click here to contact Sandra Spencer.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Musicaliti Beginner Guitar Book – and 25% discount!

Musicaliti is pleased to announce a new beginner guitar book, Goodies for Guitar!

GFG Cover
























Goodies for Guitar is the perfect guitar book for beginners!  Full of children's playground songs and chants, we start off using songs with 2 notes and different beats, through to songs with 3 adn 4 notes, and in the last section, we finally use 6-9 notes with different beats! 

Using specialist music education techniques, this book introduces basic music theory in a gentle and accessible way, allowing new musicians to begin their musical journey, or remind experienced players on how music works. We relate musical beats to common movements like walking, jogging, jogging quickly and skipping, and the familiar songs help to explain these beats – so that you can understand why the music looks the way it does, and use these skills in new songs!

This book can be used in groups, dividing half the group into those who play melody and the other into a group playing the accompaniment as chords, as TAB, notation and chords are all provided  – we plan to introduce You Tube recordings of these, too.

Using 90 folk songs, this book allows you to pick up a guitar and play today!

Click HERE to link to our Createspace store – and use this code 8CWKPE7K for a fabulous 25% discount, April 2016 only



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Song files for SPRING!

Spring with Musicaliti 2016 I've done some video and audio recordings this morning of the songs I put on here yesterday – and yes, they are on electric guitar!

Click the song title for the SoundCloud audio track – these were taken at the same time as the video (links to YouTube below!):

Lavender's Blue

Hop Old Squirrel

Here comes a bluebird


And for the YouTube of me playing (my daughter's electric guitar!) and singing the song through a few times, please click below:

Lavender's Blue

Hop Old Squirrel

Here Comes a Bluebird

Ukulele instruction videos to follow!

Please let us know if these were useful!


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Spring Songs!

What shall we sing this term?

Spring with Musicaliti 2016

Spring is lovely time of growth and new energy, and what better way to learn than to play singing games! Here are some musical ideas for your children!

Baby Room (0-2y)

Lavender's blue, Dilly, Dilly, Lavender's green
When I am King, Dilly, Dilly, you shall be queen
Who told you so, Dilly, Dilly, who told you so?
Was my own heart, Dilly, Dilly, that told me so
This lovely 3/4 song sounds a bit like a waltz (1-2-3, 1-2-3 …), so to start, bring some lavender for the children to look at, smell and touch (or squash!) while you sing the song through a few times.  This could progress into gently dancing around the room with the children in between smelling and exploring the plants, using the idea of the waltz as you move.  Finally, as lavender is known for its relaxing qualities, the song could become part of the naptime routine for the term, settling the children down with the lovely smell of lavender and memories of floating around the room.
Social – children watch and copy all day, watching you sing and dance with with them providing them plenty of experience as they develop
Physical – touching and smelling the plants, hearing and moving to the music provides concrete experiences to use in other situations
Academic – this provides children with opportunities to develop an interest in plants and flowers, how to handle them and care for them
Creative – finding ways to move to the music is creative, and this can be extended to creating their own songs or pictures or playdough shapes 
Emotional – Creating warm, secure memories while smelling the lavender, singing the song and moving to the music develops children's bonds

Toddler Room (2-3y)

Hop old squirrel, eideldum, eideldum
Hop old squirrel, eideldum, dee
Hop old squirrel, eideldum, eideldum
Hop old squirrel, eideldum, dee
In spring time in England, we celebrate Easter, the end of the cold winter and the beginning of longer days and warmer weather.  We also celebrate new starts, with all the new flowers coming up and the new animals being born, like chicks and bunnies!  This song is a lovely high energy song, where we can swap the word "squirrel" for any other more suitable animal.  Tuck a scarf in the back of your skirt or trousers as a long bushy tail, a little bunny tail, or a little chick feather, and have a hopping good time!
Social – children develop spatial awareness as they move around each other by hopping
Physical – hopping/jumping is one of the essential physical skills children need to develop in terms of muscle and bone growth
Academic – associating words with actions and singing new words develops vocabulary and pronunciation, while singing rhyme develops logic 
Creative – acting as the animal in the song allows children to become something else, to explore what is may feel like to be that animal
Emotional – relating the song to an appropriate story develops a child's empathy for others in general, animals and elderly in particular

Preschool Room

Here comes a bluebird in through my window
Hey, diddle dum a day, day, day
Take a little partner and jump in the garden
Hey, diddle dum a day, day, day

With the warmer weather comes the opportunity to go indoors and outdoors more freely and more often, see more birds as they return to their nests, and watch them play.  This song develops co-ordination in threading, as children all stand in a circle holding hands, but raising their hands to form arches.  While all the children sing, the child in the middle (the first "bluebird"), moves to the beat of the words (older ones will find this easiest), and go into the circle between the first two people, around one, and then out of the circle, around the next, until the reach the 3rd line.  Taking the person they are nearest, the "bluebird" and partner go to the centre of the circle, hold hands, and jump together "in the garden" until the end of the song, when the "bluebird" goes back to holding hands with the others, and the new "bluebird" flies in and out of the "windows" (children's raised arms).

Social – Playing games together develops co-operative skills through experience, showing children the benefit of all working together
Physical – Moving in and out of alternating gaps develops the understanding necessary to use this gross motor experience in a fine motor setting
Academic – Standing in circle develops the experience of being in a circle, towards recognising the drawn shape of a 2D circle
Creative – Choosing how to move, to fly between windows, develops the child's movement vocabulary and confidence
Emotional – Working together creates a supportive environment, while pretending to be a bird flying in and out helps to reduce potential fear of birds
Do you know these songs?  Would you like me to make them available?  If so, please let me know!
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NEW Book: Music Gone Wild Songbook!


Music Gone Wild Songbook Cover 1p

We are thrilled to introduce our latest book, "Music Gone Wild Songbook"! It features the 19 best children's songs about animals and it has been written specifically for children or beginners learning the ukulele, in full colour!

Featured songs include:

  • Daddy's Taking us to the Zoo Tomorrow
  • 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • 6 Little Ducks that I Once Knew
  • In the Jungle

In addition, we have included some songs that are not as well known, like:

  • Zulu War Chant
  • Anile, Anile
  • Green Grass 
  • Over in the Meadow

Send us your email address to be the first to know that Music Gone Wild Songbook is available on Amazon!  You will find out their launch date and be able to buy it for a FANTASTIC discount (only valid for the first day that it is on sale!).  And we'll also let you know as soon as videos are available of these songs!

Where did it come from?

This book came from a suggestion from a year 1 mum whose daughter started playing ukulele in my music afterschool club.  We had been following the animal theme through our songs and games in "Music Gone Wild", and it turns out that not only did the child ask for a ukulele for Christmas, they had been practising the songs we sing each week!

The only problem is, the handouts kept getting lost between bringing them back and forth between weekly music sessions!

As a result, a new off shoot to the Musicaliti series has begun, Musicaliti songbooks, featuring information about ukulele tuning and chords, and then the songs (with pictures!) and the chords!

The great thing about this book is that any beginner ukulele player could use it to start learning how to play ukulele, get use to the easiest chords, and start their musical journey!  Great for nursery workers, child minders, and parents or grandparents wanting to encourage and inspire their children to develop a skill that will last a lifetime! 


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Bolton nursery sessions!

DMC_Musicality-53 copyMusicalti is excited to be able to offer nursery sessions in Bolton again!

Now that Frances has completed her Masters in creativity, time slots are now OPEN for Bolton and surrounds to book for nursery sessions!

3 levels are available, including:

  • Music for babies under 2
  • Music for toddlers 2-3y
  • Music for preschoolers 3-4y

Sessions are half an hour each, include a variety of movement and music activities suited to ages and abilities, and Musicaliti is happy to work with you to develop curricula that complement the topics that you are working on!

As usual, booking more than one session includes a £5 discount per session, and you can be assured that all of the research that has gone into the last few years will be applied in your setting, with the option of being part of additional research studies!

As creativity becomes a more highly sought-after skill in business as well as school, Musicaliti is a great way to introduce your children to creative problem-solving and play, as well as giving your staff ideas to apply!

Clink here to contact us now to book sessions for your nursery as limited time slots are available!

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Musicaliti Books

Yum Yum Yum Lesson planner
Yum Yum Yum Lesson planner
ISBN 9781907935206

Musicaliti has 3 fantastic theme-based books available for nursery children 2-4 years old!  With suggestions on instruments to use, ways to turn songs into games, as well as identifying additional skills through songs (evidence for learning journeys), each book features:

  • lesson plan suggestions
  • one page per song
  • ways to play instruments
  • musical notation
  • optional CD of all songs

These can be purchased from their e-store by clicking on the picture and purchasing direct.

In addition, there are suggestions on how to develop the musicality of the children you work with by moving to the beat as well as the rhythm.

Training is available on how to develop musicality by clicking on this link or emailing directly.


Magical Musical Kingdom lesson planner
Magical Musical Kingdom lesson planner
ISBN 9781907935152


Some themes include more well-known songs than others, like Yum, Yum, Yum, which follows a food theme.  Other themes include a mixture of original, folk and well-known songs, like Magical Musical Kingdom, or Sharks, Fish, Shells.

CD’s for each of these books are available, too, on the links below:

Magical Musical Kingdom CD

Under the Sea CD

Musical Munchies CD

Passport to Transport CD

All these books can be purchased directly on this page – or email for the code for 25% discount!



Sharks, Fish, Shells lesson planner
Sharks, Fish, Shells lesson planner
ISBN 9781907935633

More books and cds are planned, including similar topics for a baby (0-2y) curriculum, as well as a free e-songbook, available by signing up to the Musicaliti Newsletter.