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Musicaliti Come and Sing e-bookWhat is that, then??

It's a e-book, that is a songbook, but only has 7 songs, so it's a booklet – an e-songbook-let!

Featuring nursery songs suitable from birth upwards, these songs are great for teaching sequential progression of notes, building confident and clear singers!

"But my child can sing MUCH MORE complicated songs! Why should I start with these?"

Children can say a lot more complicated words than they can read or spell, too. It took me years as a child, for example, to realise that Sel Dom was not a technical name for a sound that was discouraging, in the song, "Oh, give me a home, where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play, where Sel Dom is heard, a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day!"

We break up words to learn to spell. We break up numbers to learn to count. These are successfully proven ways of learning. So, too, with music!

Taking advantage of technology, this e-songbook-let includes 7 progressive songs with:

  • lyrics (song words)
  • notation (music notes)
  • guitar or ukulele chords (including pictures of ukulele chords)

It's interesting that, getting my 9 year old daughter to sing along with me, you may in fact hear the slight difficulties she had in singing the more difficult (new to her!) songs. In these situations, advice is always to go back to what is familiar, get confident in what you know, and use the different qualities of the familiar songs to strengthen skills for the unfamiliar new songs (like singing unfamiliar beats or additional notes)!

This is the first of 4 "e-songbook-lets", aimed at mothers, fathers and other carers of children (early years professionals, childminders, children's centre workers, nursery and playgroup managers) – and by signing up to receive the first, you will automatically be alerted to the publication of the new ones! Sign up now and share this link, forward this page to people who have children, love children or work with children!


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