Start playing from day 1!

Goodies for Guitar is a first step to playing the guitar! Start playing songs that are two note longs … then three … then four! By the end of the series, you will be able to play 90 songs, including a scale!

Goodies for Guitar GREEN LEVEL 1 covers the first stage of playing, 20 songs with 2-3 notes and simple rhythms.

Goodies for Guitar PINK LEVEL 2 covers the next stage, 20 songs with 3 notes and more interesting rhythms

Goodies for Guitar YELLOW LEVEL 3 covers the next stage, 20 songs with 3-4 songs, and new, fun rhythms!

Goodies for Guitar BLUE LEVEL 4 has only 10 songs, more challenging than before, including 4-6 notes and a wide variety of rhythms.

Goodies for Guitar ORANGE LEVEL 5 covers 20 songs using all of the notes in the scale and a load of different rhythms – and these songs are also better known, too!


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