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Musicaliti Publishing is a specialist group who love children, love music and really love the combination!  So we focus on promoting early years music education in a few different ways: print (amazon), facebook, youtube, reverbnation, myspace, soundcloud, twitter and linkedin!

We hold music sessions in groups where you find children and we obsessively hunt down the newest information about early years child development.  This area is growing rapidly, with a lot of people beginning to recognise the importance and value of prioritising a child’s first 7 years.


Before you were 7, this was a time when you:

  • looked and listened to how the world worked
  • found your unique place and fit in your new world 
  • learnt how to react and respond from your important adults
  • accepted or rejected your personality in favour of approval from your important adults
  • developed the pattern of thinking that has taken you through your life

For these reasons, this critical time is when your under-7 needs to experience everything they can, be exposed to as many new experiences possible, yet be protected and assured that they are always loved, always safe, always treasured and always accepted.

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