Musicaliti Beginner Guitar Book – and 25% discount!


Musicaliti is pleased to announce a new beginner guitar book, Goodies for Guitar!

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Goodies for Guitar is the perfect guitar book for beginners!  Full of children's playground songs and chants, we start off using songs with 2 notes and different beats, through to songs with 3 adn 4 notes, and in the last section, we finally use 6-9 notes with different beats! 

Using specialist music education techniques, this book introduces basic music theory in a gentle and accessible way, allowing new musicians to begin their musical journey, or remind experienced players on how music works. We relate musical beats to common movements like walking, jogging, jogging quickly and skipping, and the familiar songs help to explain these beats – so that you can understand why the music looks the way it does, and use these skills in new songs!

This book can be used in groups, dividing half the group into those who play melody and the other into a group playing the accompaniment as chords, as TAB, notation and chords are all provided  – we plan to introduce You Tube recordings of these, too.

Using 90 folk songs, this book allows you to pick up a guitar and play today!

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