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Yum Yum Yum Lesson planner
Yum Yum Yum Lesson planner
ISBN 9781907935206

Musicaliti has 3 fantastic theme-based books available for nursery children 2-4 years old!  With suggestions on instruments to use, ways to turn songs into games, as well as identifying additional skills through songs (evidence for learning journeys), each book features:

  • lesson plan suggestions
  • one page per song
  • ways to play instruments
  • musical notation
  • optional CD of all songs

These can be purchased from their e-store by clicking on the picture and purchasing direct.

In addition, there are suggestions on how to develop the musicality of the children you work with by moving to the beat as well as the rhythm.

Training is available on how to develop musicality by clicking on this link or emailing directly.


Magical Musical Kingdom lesson planner
Magical Musical Kingdom lesson planner
ISBN 9781907935152


Some themes include more well-known songs than others, like Yum, Yum, Yum, which follows a food theme.  Other themes include a mixture of original, folk and well-known songs, like Magical Musical Kingdom, or Sharks, Fish, Shells.

CD’s for each of these books are available, too, on the links below:

Magical Musical Kingdom CD

Under the Sea CD

Musical Munchies CD

Passport to Transport CD

All these books can be purchased directly on this page – or email for the code for 25% discount!



Sharks, Fish, Shells lesson planner
Sharks, Fish, Shells lesson planner
ISBN 9781907935633

More books and cds are planned, including similar topics for a baby (0-2y) curriculum, as well as a free e-songbook, available by signing up to the Musicaliti Newsletter.











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