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About Musicaliti

What is Musicaliti?

Musicaliti is a music education business based in Bolton, North West England, that is passionate about children and creating the best opportunities possible for children through music.

In 2006, we started music sessions at a primary afterschool club, preschool sessions for babies and toddlers, and parent-child sessions for babies and parents in Bolton, using a wide variety of musical materials to inspire creativity for children of all ages.

Since then, Musicaliti has created new and exciting music curricula, written and recorded a number of original songs incorporating Dalcroze and Kodály and Orff specialist music education techniques, and learnt so much from the the amazing children we have taught.

We’ve also developed private primary guitar teaching, currently run a weekly local community choir, the Bolton Warblers, and teach early years student teachers our specialist music education techniques.

We’ve also begun to use our findings in academic circles, with research papers under consideration and an exciting book publishing deal, “Learning with Music: Games and activities for the early years“, released in August 2017.

We’re starting to look into the therapeutic benefits of music sessions, too, finding evidence of music improving physical, mental and emotional skills in both the young and the elderly. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with our latest projects!


We start the week at local care homes in Bolton with Musicaliti Mondays, running sessions, term-time only, for the local residents. Singing a variety of songs from yesteryear, this session is enjoyed by residents and staff alike, bringing back memories and working towards improving mood, breathing and pain management.

The Bolton Warblers meet at Bolton St Catherine’s (Sports entrance) on Monday evenings from 7-8.30pm, with no audition process and a group of people from different walks of life, wanting to learn more about how music works, and learning how to sing together in parts.

Weekday mornings are reserved for Bolton day nursery and preschool bookings, taken one term at a time.  If you are a local nursery or toddler group wanting sessions for your baby room, toddler room or preschool room, contact us for availability.

One afternoon a week, we run a Key Stage 1 musical afterschool club at a local Bolton primary school, focussing on essential musicianship skills. Available only to individual schools, we use movement and percussion instrument training to develop children’s musical understanding, ready for music lessons. Many of the children who have attended these sessions go on to take graded music exams, perform at music festivals, not to mention taking leadership roles at school, excelling academically, and taking leading performance roles in musical productions.

Evenings are committed to primary and adult guitar lessons, at student homes.  After running a very successful “Musicaliti Rockschool for Primary” programme with a group of 12, many of the students went on to take up private lessons, and word of mouth increased our student list with little additional advertising.

With children ranging from 6 to 12 years old, from pre-grade 1 (Debut) to Grade 3, we follow the RSL (previously Rockschool) syllabus, with many of the children enjoying the varied repertoire of rock, pop, indie and metal choices available to all grades.  This has developed into exciting holiday Guitar Master Classes, where students work on enhanced techniques which can be used in their own repertoire, and further developments planned, including under-16 rock concerts.

We end the week at a nearby primary school offering peripatetic guitar sessions to primary children during class time, with an emphasis on playing both lead and accompaniment, and the opportunity to learn new and current songs!

We love MUSIC!