Musicaliti’s New Look


We’re mixing it up a little and we thought we’d explain what was going on!

With changes in the political and educational arena, it has become unsustainable to continue to personally deliver sessions. Between the mixed messages that are about on the value of music and education, and the low financial priority of these areas, those who needed them simply couldn’t afford the costs that we were having to charge in order to become and remain viable. More and more research and creativity was going in to sessions, with more and more training, but we are living in cut-throat times where people expect results to be immediate. This is not music.

Just as football used to be local people passing the time together in friendly games, music used to be the pub or family sing-a-long, the community fair and fete, with singers and dancers that lived and worked locally. It became a restricted performance by classical professionals and pop stars, selling out huge arenas and persuading millions of people to buy the same song.

As people recognise the manipulation and limitations, it is becoming easier to personalise musical interests, to choose your own content instead of listening only to the radio/media, and younger people are making their own choices more and more.

So in the spirit of giving people more choice, we are making our music, our books, our research available in different ways, on different platforms. We hope that this will help to keep music more accessible, so over the next year, we will be lauching more and more free material on social media like You Tube and Sound Cloud: please check out our channel – we only have 13 subscribers to date, so cannot have our own channel name (yet):

We have a new look, promoting the materials that we have created since we started in 2008, and depending on demand, look forward to creating more in the future!

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