NEW Book: Music Gone Wild Songbook!



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We are thrilled to introduce our latest book, "Music Gone Wild Songbook"! It features the 19 best children's songs about animals and it has been written specifically for children or beginners learning the ukulele, in full colour!

Featured songs include:

  • Daddy's Taking us to the Zoo Tomorrow
  • 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • 6 Little Ducks that I Once Knew
  • In the Jungle

In addition, we have included some songs that are not as well known, like:

  • Zulu War Chant
  • Anile, Anile
  • Green Grass 
  • Over in the Meadow

Send us your email address to be the first to know that Music Gone Wild Songbook is available on Amazon!  You will find out their launch date and be able to buy it for a FANTASTIC discount (only valid for the first day that it is on sale!).  And we'll also let you know as soon as videos are available of these songs!

Where did it come from?

This book came from a suggestion from a year 1 mum whose daughter started playing ukulele in my music afterschool club.  We had been following the animal theme through our songs and games in "Music Gone Wild", and it turns out that not only did the child ask for a ukulele for Christmas, they had been practising the songs we sing each week!

The only problem is, the handouts kept getting lost between bringing them back and forth between weekly music sessions!

As a result, a new off shoot to the Musicaliti series has begun, Musicaliti songbooks, featuring information about ukulele tuning and chords, and then the songs (with pictures!) and the chords!

The great thing about this book is that any beginner ukulele player could use it to start learning how to play ukulele, get use to the easiest chords, and start their musical journey!  Great for nursery workers, child minders, and parents or grandparents wanting to encourage and inspire their children to develop a skill that will last a lifetime! 



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