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Musicaliti GDPR Privacy Notice

Updated 24 May 2018


Musicaliti takes your privacy seriously and has updated our records to ensure that we fully meet the new data protection standards (General Data Protection Regulation). Due to the nature of our data collection, we are not obliged to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The categories of information that we hold include, where appropriate:

Why we collect this information:

We use parents/carer’s and children’s information to:

Collecting children’s information

Information provided is voluntary and may be terminated at any point coinciding with terminating sessions.

Storing data

We are required to hold generic data legally (HMRC) for 6 years following lesson termination. Your data is held securely and only accessible to authorised Musicaliti employees.

Legal basis for processing information

Musicaliti always makes sure that we have a legal basis to collect and use information. The legal basis we rely on will change depending on the type of information and the context in which we collect it.

Our main reason for collecting information and using your personal information is to perform our contract with you (session or lesson information) but we may also process it where it is in our legitimate business interests to do so.

Who we share this information with

Information will only be shared in cases of safeguarding or if subpoenaed by police.

Requesting access to your personal data

Under data protection legislation, parents, carers and children have the right to request access to information about them that we hold. To request your or your child’s personal information, contact Frances Turnbull.

You also have the right to:

If you have any concern about the way in which we are collecting or using your personal data, we request that you raise your concern with us in the first instance. Alternatively you can contact the ICO.


If you would like to discuss anything in this privacy notice, please contact:

Name: Frances Turnbull


Tel:      01204 595 680


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