Singing is for everyone – the first language we hear and learn, the universal language; a way to express; a way to unite. This book takes you through accurate singing right from the beginning, starting with songs with only two notes, and once those are mastered, moving into three, four and five note songs. We also start with simple rhythms, starting with a straightforward walking beat, to jogging rhythms, too. And then we sing all the notes!

Sing in Tune is a book for all, from children to adults, who want to learn to sing accurately. Clap the rhythm to the beat, follow the tune using solfa, and then sing the words, perfectly and in tune!

The first Musicaliti book for singing development!

Walk very slowly to the beat: walk slow, walk, jogging, or jogging quickly …

… clap the beat …

… sing the solfa …

… and throw in the lyrics!


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