Story song books have been written about each of the themes currently available. Some use characters to tell an adventurous story. Others use recipes about songs about food. Others give historical background to topics that children enjoy. All of them use music in a fun, light-hearted and accessible way!

Passport to Transport Song Book

Passport to Transport Song Book introduces a number of songs about transport, from planes to trains, cars to bikes, and rockets, too! Learn interesting facts about the ways we can travel while learning great songs – get the CD or go online on You Tube (or Sound Cloud) to learn the new ones!

Under the Sea Song Book

Under the Sea Song Book is an exciting story of friendship and adventure. Sing songs about under sea creatures as they learn to get along with creatures different to themselves and realise that differences can also be strengths. Songs available on CD, You Tube or Sound Cloud.

Musical Munchies Song Book

Musical Munchies Song Book presents all the best children’s songs about food AND includes recipes for Every. Single. Song! Play along on ukulele, too – and hop on to You Tube, Sound Cloud or get the CD for the new ones!

Music Gone Wild Songbook

Music Gone Wild Song Book is all about animals: wild and tame, small and tall, farm and field, water and air. Play along on your ukulele as you sing songs old and moo … I mean, new! All music available on CDs, You Tube and Sound Cloud.

Magical Musical Kingdom Song Book

Magical Musical Kingdom is an exciting adventure of magical royalty! Moving like kings and queens, meeting magical creatures like dragons and unicorns, music doesn’t get more exciting, more dangerous, more compelling than this! Get this music on CDs, You Tube and Sound Cloud.

Musicaliti Celebration! Song Book is all about different types of celebrations around the world. Singing songs about countries around the world, we learn new and traditional songs, share in national traditions and even play musical games! Music available now on CDs, You Tube and Sound Cloud.


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