We Write

We Write

We Write

In addition to the books we publish, we also write on these topics for other publications.

November 2019, Parenta:

Starting a Musical Journey Part 3

October 2019, Parenta:

Starting a Musical Journey Part 2

September 2019, Parenta:

Starting a Musical Journey Part 1

August 2019, Parenta:

Music ABCs for Littlies

July 2019, Sounding Board for Sound Sense (community musicians):

Love Children, Love Music: The Problem with Early Years Music

April 2018, Parenta:

S-P-A-C-E for Music

What Can We Do for You?

We love learning, we love music and we love sharing. We can help you to teach, help you to play, and even help you to publish, too!

As educators, we love new information. And we love the feeling of empowerment that people get from learning new skills. 

Our Song Book Series uses songs, both new and old, with child-friendly themes to make musical concepts clear and memorable. Stories can be powerful reminders of information, no matter what age. Our current themes include underwater creatures, magic and royalty, musical food, transport songs, sports music, international celebrations, and musical animals. 

As musicians, we love to play together. There is an incredible feeling in being part of something bigger, where the part that you play improves with others.

Goodies For Guitar, our starter series of children’s songs for the guitar, takes you right from the beginning of learning music using children’s songs and rhymes, in both traditional notation and guitar tablature (TAB). Sing In Tune, our singing tutorial, uses the same repertoire, with a focus on improving intonation (singing accuracy) while introducing music notation in a clear and helpful way.

As publishers, we love to share what we know with as many people as we can.

We share information that we have developed through our own research as well as sharing information that we have learnt from others. And we know that sharing information at the right time in the right place with the right people can be life-changing. We have a few things in place that we have set up in order to keep our sessions and our skills available, so are happy to consider new authors and new works along the same lines. 

Need Advice?

Music is becoming better recognised for the fantastic benefits it provides. But not all jobs are able to train staff in all of the skills needed to successfully deliver a music session. We are here to provide bespoke advice and/or training for your situation, from children’s settings through to health, special needs and older care.


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